Fertilizing and Flushing LECA Plants

Once your plant water is rooted, and in LECA, it’s time to consider fertilizing. Grab a liquid fertilizer; my go-to is Dyna-grow. There are many other fertilizers; generally, look for a concentrated liquid fertilizer. Follow whatever instructions your particular fertilizer recommends for the amount of liquid to use for hydroponics.

I generally do 1-2 drops of Dynagrow in a 2qt pitcher. I do this about half the time when I water my plants. You do not need to fertilize every time you refill the reservoir; in fact, it’s better if you don’t.

If you over-fertilize, you will have to flush your plants more. Flushing just helps remove the mineral buildup on the leca; the leca can’t absorb as the soil would. You’ll start to notice white crystals or a white coating on top of the LECA; usually, that means it needs to be flushed. It involves removing the cache pot and letting the water run through the LECA in its nursery pot.

LECA with white coating on it

It’s a huge pain, even more so if you’re not using a cache pot. And if we’re being honest, I almost never do it, but I also don’t fertilize regularly or in large amounts. Some people are religious about flushing at least once a month, but I don’t flush if I can avoid it.

If a plant is struggling, then flushing it could help, but it likely isn’t the underlying cause of the issue. The white coating of minerals is largely just cosmetic; it shouldn’t hurt your plants unless you fertilize them constantly.

Feel free to message or DM me with questions. Love to talk all things plant and will gladly help you on your plant journey.

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