About Me

My name is Eleanor Anne and I love house plants! I’ve only been collecting for 2-3 years, but I have over 200+ plants, and counting. I made this blog to help people get into LECA, it can be hard to get started, but it’s so worth it!

woman surrounded by plants
A restaurant in Florida had this HUGE Monstera, I simply had to take a picture with it:)

I have so many house plants, that now I’m selling them! My cuttings are available on facebook marketplace, these are only small water-rooted cuttings, ideal for LECA. I also do purges every now and again on the Syracuse Plant Swap and Sales Facebook group, I strongly recommend you join if you’re interested in plants and are from the area.

Of course, there is more to me than just houseplants. I’m a pediatric nurse and love what I do. I enjoy reading, especially in my plant throne, which sounds ridiculous but I love it. Above all, I love my three dogs.

woman with three dogs
In case you’re dying to know, their names are Dexter, Fig, and Primrose

I hope to help as many people as possible on their LECA journey. Feel free to DM me on Instagram @ChaosPlant or Facebook @ChaosPlants, I’d love to help you make your plants thrive.